Sue Searing delights in sharing stories from many cultures and parts of the world.  Listeners of all ages enjoy her rollicking folktales, thought-provoking wisdom tales, ghost stories, classic fairy tales, and insightful personal memories. Sue grew up near the Erie Canal in upstate New York and had a fulfilling career as a librarian in Michigan, Connecticut, Wisconsin, and Illinois. She now lives in the vibrant and diverse Powderhorn Park neighborhood of Minneapolis.

Sue crafts each performance for the specific audience and setting. Please contact her at SueSearingStoryteller@gmail.com to discuss program themes and rates.

NEWS:  Sue was selected as one of six semi-finalists in TELL’s Folktale Fight: Contest for Emergent TELLers on Thursday, May 20th.  In the second round of the online contest, she competed against two other storytellers, and judges Sheila Arnold and Adam Booth tapped her to proceed to the final round.  There she faced the winner of the first round, Tim Ereneta.  After each told another, somewhat longer folktale, Tim was declared the champion by the judges and a poll of the audience.  Because all of the competitors told remarkable tales that captivated the listeners, Sue is quite pleased to have achieved second place!